2014 saw the successful Sochi Winter Olympics take place and in the run up we brought you everything you needed to know about the event.

Millions of people tuned in around the world to watch winter sports including skiing, snowboarding, luge, curling, Ice Hockey, bobsleigh and skating, some for the first time. Sochi saw incredible increases in tourism and travel following the games and the same can be said for resorts all over the world.

Following the 2014 Winter Olympics there was a huge increase in people talking up winter sports and travelling to enjoy them. Great facilities are being made available for anyone hoping to learn how to ski and snowboard around the world from dedicated resorts to dry slopes.

We thought it would be a shame to stop after the event and have decided to give the site a new lease of life dedicated to bringing you everything you will need to enjoy winter sports anywhere in the world.

Whether you want to sample the best ski resorts, enjoy holidays in beautiful chalets, make wonderful memories with your family or just take up a new sport we will be here to point you in the right direction.

We also want to hear what you have to say too which is why we will invite writers to contribute guest posts. We want to hear about your experiences, ski holidays, resorts, products and everything else winter sports related. We always find it beneficial to read about other people’s experiences before booking holidays or buying new ski equipment and would love for people to visit us here at Slide 2 Sochi to do the same.

So, whether you are a beginner or an expert we will hopefully have something to help improve your ski experience with ideas about how to find cheap ski deals, great accommodation and the best equipment on the market.

As well as Slide 2 Sochi I also have a personal travel site over at Attractioneers.Com, I use this to talk about all my holidays and adventures, including some ski holidays.  Much like this site I am open to share other people’s experiences too so if you have something you feel would be good for the site just head on over and get in touch.

We would like to thank Trade Radiators for supplying us with top of the range heating equipment for our lounges around the resort. The high performance radiators that we had installed are highly recommendable for cold conditions like ours, keeping our athletes at the top of their game and giving their bodies the perfect amount of heat for their recovery time. For more information go to: https://www.traderadiators.com/acatalog/column-radiators.html

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