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Skiing Types

If you are planning to go on a skiing holiday the chances are that you will be a recreational skier, however there are several different types of skiing which we will go into now. Who know? You might even fancy taking up one of these other disciplines.

Recreational Skiing

Recreational skiing is what the majority of us do when we go out on the slopes. From beginner level through to intermediate and expert the difference in piste is how you would test yourself. As for equipment there are a number of options available to the recreational skier and it is really down to what makes you most comfortable on the slope.

A great way to find out what ski equipment suits you best is through renting. As you can imagine, kitting yourself out in all the latest ski gear can be quite expensive so getting a feel for what you like and buying different bits as you go along is a great way to spread the cost.

Recreational Skiing



If you watch the Winter Olympics or Winter Sports on the TV one of the more exciting ski disciplines that you come across is the Freestyle category. This is a lot more creative than downhill skiing as you make use of rails, boxes and jumps to perfect your style.

You will need shorter skis to ensure you have the mobility but this is for someone that already has some skiing experience under their belt. After learning the ropes it is possible to take some of these new skills out onto the hills but only if you are comfortable with your level of ability.



This is another one that you will have to have some considerable experience before attempting. Downhill, Slalom and Super G are all popular race types.

While freestyle skiers use shorter skis for mobility, racers use a longer ski to be able to handle the death defying speeds they hurtle down the hillsides at. Like race cars, the skis are cared for to go as fast as possible while maintain their safety, therefore waxing and maintenance is a must.

Racing Skiing


Off Piste Skiing

Off piste skiing as I am sure you would imagine takes you off piste, and outwith ski area boundaries. This is another one for experienced skiers as the terrain will not be maintained like it is within the boundaries.

There are different levels of off piste skiing including:

Frontcountry: Off-trail but in ski area boundaries. Ski lifts and emergency services are nearby and this is a safer option.

Slackcountry: An area that is outside ski area boundaries but still accessed from lifts without the need to use bootpack or skins. Usually it will have access back to the lift too.

Sidecountry: Like Slackcountry it is terrain outside marked boundaries that is accessible by ski lift. Usually it will require the skier to climb, skin, or hike in a ski area to reach or return from the sidecountry location.

Backcountry: This is skiing outwith ski area boundaries in remote areas.

Backcountry skiing


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