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Sochi 2014

The Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics were a rousing success in boosting the popularity of Winter Sports across the world. In fact the games made a huge impact across social media with over 90,000 social updates by the athletes and teams competing.

Having so many athletes posting means the reach of the Sochi Games was phenomenal.  Facebook saw over 140 million mentions, Twitter 40 million and Russian social media site vKontakte saw over 54 million mentions during the games.

You can see a few more details about the social aspect of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympoics in this great infographic by SocialTimes below.

Sochi 2014 social

Beyond Social media there was some staggering figures surrounding the 2014 Winter Olympics. The  following infographic shows some really interesting facts and figures surrounding the games from security to cost, TV to travel. It even includes some figures that officials might have wanted to keep secret including the amount of stray dogs that had been allegedly killed and the amount stolen from money set aside for the games themselves.

WalletHub Presents Sochi By The Numbers
courtesy of
Finally we get down to the all important business of what the 2014 Winter Olympics and Paralympics is all about, the dedication by athletes competing in various disciplines of numerous winter sports. As expected Russia Norway and Canada led the way as far as Gold medals were concerned with the USA coming second to Russia on overall medals. You can discover all the individual results over at

Sochi Olympics Medal Table



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